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Maxilion Architecture is a Surrey-based family-run architectural and property development company founded in 2010 with a passion to create beautiful and exciting spaces where people would love to live in. 


Our story began with residential interior design and build projects for private clients and over the years gradually evolved into designing and developing new homes in London and Surrey. Our latest business activity is concentrated on architecture and land development.


Since company formation, we have gained extensive experience within a multitude of areas from assessing project feasibility, land acquisition, design and planning, construction management, through to marketing and sale of completed homes.


With our substantial in-house design and planning expertise, we place a strong emphasis on excellent architecture and strive to deliver great developments that compliment the character of the area they are set in. 

We work closely with investors and landowners and are always ready to acquire land or properties with development potential in Greater London and Surrey.  We are always flexible in negotiating various types of purchase agreements with landowners in order to suit their particular requirements.  As a small independent company, we are able to make decisions quickly and complete a purchase from our own readily available funds. 


Please do get in touch to discuss any aspect of our business



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Max lychagin

Max holds a master's degree in economics and a bachelor's degree in architecture and has over 20 years of experience in architecture, property development and construction industry. He is in charge of the company’s day to day management operations including land acquisition, design and planning, construction and sales.

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IRINA Lychagina

Having a master's degree in Finance, Irina is involved in day to day management and responsible for the company’s contracts and materials supply chain. With a passion for design, she also coordinates all design matters relating to the company's projects.

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